Volume 3, № 4 (2020) 
Manuscripts Under Evaluation
Pre-publication review
Volume 3, № 4 (2020) 


Melnyk Yu. B.
Message from the Editor-in-Chief of IJES Vol. 3(4), 2020
Kud А. А.
The Phenomenon of Virtual Assets: Economic and Legal Aspects







Abhishek P., Ramesh V.
A Survey on Deep Leaning Architectures and Its Applications
Bielikova O. V., Dytiuk S. O., Krech T. V.
Peculiarities of Bullying in the Modern Student Environment
Blashko Yu. I.
Specifics of Professional Activity of Future Pilots of Civil Aviation
Chornoglazova H. V.
Forming of Future Pilots’ Professional Competence during the General Technical Studying
Edwin K.
The Menace of Examination Malpractice and Information Communication Technology Strategies for Curbing – A Case Study in Kenya
Ghobrini R. El A.
Synergizing Facebook and YouTube for E-Teaching Grammar during Covid-19 Pandemic
Каdenyuk O. S.
The Humanitarian Component of Education in the High School System
Kaidalova L. H.
Teacher’s Innovative Pedagogical Activitiy as a Provider of Qualitative Training of the Future Specialists
Kostina V. V.
Volunteer Initiatives of Future Social Workers - the Way to Professional Success
Kovalevska I. V., Ruban O. A., Kutovyi D. S.
The Concept of Interactive Teaching Methods and Their Characteristics
Kurlishchuk I. I., Aleksieieva O. R., Poluliashchenko T. L.
Media Literacy as a Basis for Health Preserving Online Learning Environment of Modern Ukrainian School
Martynenko N. O.
Methods for Training Safety and Effective Interaction Between Crew Members
Tymoshenko V. І., Pavlenko D. G., Slabetskyi О. М.
Pedagogical Research into Effectiveness of Training Future Administrators and Managers at Institutions of Higher Education
Zhukova О. A., Stoianova V., Semenenko O.
Usage of Gamification Method in the Learning Process of Higher Education
Babak S. A., Krut P. P.
Moral and Psychological Support of the State Defense Forces: Socio-Cognitive Dimension
Polishchuk V. M.
Symptomatics of Crisis Emotional Experience of 23 Years
Polishchuk S. A.
Метhodics of Studying  Emotional Self-Regulation
Stadnik A. V., Vashchenko I. V.
Features of Psychological Preparation of the Personnel of the Security Forces in the Conditions of Epidemic Spread (COVID 19)
Bril M. S., Ponomarenko O. O.
Recommendations to Improve the Mechanism for Regulating Transaction Costs in the Context of Reforming the National Economy
Cherkashyna T. S.
Verification of Environmental Kuznets Curve in Developing Europe: A Case of Ukraine
Klimenko O. M.
The Role of Skills of University Teachers in the Possession of Distance Communication Tools to Obtain High Learning Outcomes
Litvinenko A. V.
Quality of Life in Modern Conditions of Socio-Economic Development
Mashchenko M. A.
The Role of Public-Private Partnership in the Socio-Economic Development of the State
Pypenko I. S., Melnyk Yu. B.
Creating a Business Ecosystem Based on Blockchain Technology
Pyvavar I. V. 
Ways to Reform Fiscal Policy as a Component of Economic Stabilization in the Economy
Shyfrina N. I.
The Dependence of the Average Salary on the Level of the Minimum Salary Set by the State
Stepanenko N. O.
The Importance of Solving Contemporary Global Issues
Zinchenko O. A.
Current Issues of Territory Branding
Usakli H.
Possibilities of Messengers for Conducting Training Sessions and Student Consultations



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