Public Resource Inclusive Center as the Extracurricular Support of New Ukraine School

Krainova T. I.1 

 1 Public Organization “Interdisciplinary Institute for Development”, Ukraine


Background and Aim of Study: The urgent task is to create organizations that creatively approach the main provisions of the new Concept of Out-of-School Education, develop it and fill the selected areas with content that is coordinated with the New Ukrainian School. The aim of the study: To substantiate the importance of the Public Resource Inclusion Center in out-of-school support of the New Ukrainian School, to define the main principles, tasks and directions of its activity. Results: The task of the Public Resource Inclusive Center was established and resolved: education of a citizen of Ukraine, respect for human rights and freedoms, self-esteem, responsibility before the law for their actions; appropriation of personally significant socio-cultural values, satisfaction of educational and cultural needs of pupils; development of creative abilities of children and pupils, their cognitive interest; development of the ability to study throughout life, think critically, set goals and achieve them, work in a team, communicate in a multicultural environment; satisfaction of needs of pupils in professional self-determination and creative self-realization; creation of conditions for creative, intellectual, spiritual and physical development of pupils, students and listeners; development of psychophysical resources, health promotion, maintenance of high work capacity throughout the period of training; education of participants in the educational process of conscious attitude towards their own safety and safety of others. Projects were implemented: “Development groups for internally displaced persons of the Kharkiv modular settlement”, “Development groups for children who have survived traumatic events”, “Step-by-step - moving to the future: from inclusive education to the inclusive community”. Conclusions: The Public Resource Inclusive Center carries additional social, intellectual and emotional development of children and youth in extracurricular time, promotes the continuous development of parents, teachers and psychologists who work as a single creative team.





Public resource inclusive center, New Ukraine school, support, cooperation.






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 Information about the author:

Krainova Tatyana Ivanivna – Chairman of the Board, non-governmental organization "Interdisciplinary Institute for Development", Kharkiv, Ukraine

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Krainova, T. I. (2018). Hromadskyi resursnyi inkliuzyvnyi tsentr yak pozashkilna pidtrymka Novoi ukrainskoi shkoly [Public resource inclusive center as the extracurricular support of New Ukraine school]. International Journal of Education and Science, 1(1-2), 34–38. doi:10.26697/ijes.2018.1-2.05


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